WSU Librarian Gives Haunted Tours To Show Students Around Library

WSU Librarian Gives Haunted Tours To Show Students Around Library »Play Video
WSU Librarian Lara Cummings talks to a group of students during one of her haunted tours.
PULLMAN, WA - A Washington State University librarian created a daunting way to help students navigate through the university's two largest interconnected libraries.

When Lara Cummings first decided to become a librarian, she was met with skepticism.

"My mom told me you can't be a librarian, you're too loud," said Cummings.

But her outgoing personality proved to be the right fit for the library tours she gives at Holland and Terrell Libraries.

And not just any tours but haunted tours.

Several times a week, she spends about an hour leading students down stairwells, up elevators, between columns of bookshelves and down dark hallways.

All the while telling strange but true stories that happened inside or near the library. Ghosts floating on the grounds of Old College Hall in 1921, a library worker who died of breast cancer but continues to write answers to students questions and President Bryan's rocking chair in the Bryan Clock Tower.

"A lot of the stories are from the archives that people just collected over the years, the Chinook had a bunch of things I believe back in the 70s or 80s so I kind of collected everything together," said Cummings.

The tours were originally created to bring in new students into the library and now it's also open to the public. With Halloween right around the corner, it's only fitting to tell spooky stories.

WSU student Whitney Barber has been around the library a few times but has never seen this side of it.

"I was fascinated more than scared I think the creepiest part was President Bryan's rocking chair in Bryan Clock Tower, I thought that was creepy," said Barber.

And if you're tough enough to handle the ghost stories, Lara encourages anyone to take her tours.

Tours are by groups only. Student tours are full through the first week in November. Members of the public can reserve group tours for early November. For more information, you can contact Lara Cummings at (509) 335-8071 or through email at