Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall attracts hundreds

Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall attracts hundreds »Play Video
Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall at the Nez Perce County Fairgrounds.
LEWISTON - It's already attracted hundreds. The moving Vietnam Memorial Wall is set up and open for visitors at the Nez Perce County Fairgrounds.

A wave of motorcyclists, veterans and law enforcement escorted the wall sections from the Quality Inn in Clarkston to its temporary stop at the fairgrounds. The wall is a half size replica of the national monument in Washington D.C., and contains over 58,000 names of soldiers who gave their lives in the Vietnam War.

"It wasn't a popular war and a lot of them when they came back weren't treated very well," said Wall co-organizer Ivan Ulmer. "It's kind of an honor to remember them and to respect them."

The names will be on display until Monday. There will be daily ceremonies featuring speakers, flyovers, and musical numbers but the wall is open 24 hours a day to patrons for reflection, remembering, and maybe even some healing.

"It's recent enough that a lot of family members are still alive and around," said Ulmer. "And there were a lot of people that were totally against the Vietnam War, protesters, demonstrators, so we're hoping it's going to be a chance for people to heal and come together."

Attendees said seeing the names of comrades, friends, and family members is a bit emotional. But they're all excited they're able to witness this national record.

"We're just thrilled to have the wall here and a chance for everybody that's local to see it, because a lot of people can't make it to Washington DC to see the wall there," said Ulmer.