Effort underway to repeal education reforms

Effort underway to repeal education reforms »Play Video
These petitions support repealing recent eduction reform laws.
LEWISTON - The Idaho legislative session ended April 7th which means Idahoans seeking a referendum on education reform bills have until June 1st to gather the signatures needed to put the repeals on the ballot.

Lewiston Education Association President Bruce Schulz said they're working nonstop to give the people a chance to vote on the bills.

"It's full steam ahead," said Schulz. "We had 60 days from when the legislature ended to collect roughly 48,000 signatures for each of the three pieces of legislation that we're trying to bring to a vote of the people. Because I think we heard loud and clear, people were opposed to all three of these pieces of legislation."

Schulz said he doesn't deny change is needed in the public education system, but said it's something administrators and teachers do every day to create the best learning environment for their students.

"Here in Lewiston, for instance, we work very hard with our administrators and are constantly changing curriculum, how we do things to benefit our students," said Schulz. "We do that on a daily basis. And that's one of the things that's really caused an uproar about the legislation, that none of the stakeholders were truly involved in creating it."

Schulz said volunteers will be circulating petitions, which need to be filed by the first part of June to allow for name verification.