Medical Marijuana petition circulates at Moscow Hempfest

Medical Marijuana petition circulates at Moscow Hempfest »Play Video
Signing the Idaho Medical Marijuana petition at the Hempfest.
MOSCOW - A huge crowd was on hand for the annual Moscow Hempfest over the weekend.

The festival at East City Park was attended by young and old and offered plenty of hot food as well as information about legalizing industrial hemp and medical marijuana.

Lindsey Rinehart is one of the organizers of a movement to put a medical marijuana initiative on the Idaho ballot.

"Please come sign our petition," she told the crowd. "We need this legalized for medical patients. I have multiple sclerosis. We have other members of our group with fibromyalgia. We know cancer patients. We know people who need this legalized in Idaho. If we don't get these signatures, we can't vote on it."

Rinehart said at least one survey indicates there's broad support for the measure.

"There was a BSU public opinion poll that went around to 1500 people. 3/4ths of our state supports medical marijuana. We just need people to not be so afraid and come sign the petition and take it out in the community and get the signatures that we need."

In addition to signing petitions and making assorted purchases, festival goers listened to live music on the stage all day.