ISP warns megaload opponent to not interfere

ISP warns megaload opponent to not interfere
LEWISTON - ConocoPhillips megaload number one made it to Kooskia with only minor issues Wednesday night.

But Idaho State Police Captain Lonnie Richardson said long-time megaload opponent Linwood Laughy disrupted travel several times.

Richardson said Laughy failed to comply with the pilot car rules including stopping his car in traffic. Troopers eventually made contact with Laughy who was warned to stop his behavior. Richardson says no further action will be taken with regard to the incident.

Attempts by KLEW News to contact Laughy, who was among those who fought the megaloads in the courts, were not successful.

Richardson said there were also a couple mechanical issues, mainly due to the cold temperatures.

ConocoPhillips spokesperson John Roper said, overall, the second leg of the journey went very well. He reiterated their biggest concern is the safety of the move.

Thursday night the load was scheduled to set out for the last stop in Idaho, some 50 miles away from Kooskia.