Police look to identify suspects caught on camera

Police look to identify suspects caught on camera
LEWISTON - Lewiston police are looking for help identifying two suspects they say stole merchandise from Hastings just before Christmas.

Corporal Eric Kjorness said two females, along with two males, stole CDs and DVDs on December 17th.

"Working together the females took the items and with the assistance of the males holding some doors open, they took some property from the store and exited out of the parking lot and left the area," said Kjorness.

Kjorness said officers believe they have positively identified the male suspects in the case, but still need help tracking down the females. He said they're following tips they receive from viewers through their Crime Stoppers page. It's part of city's website and Kjorness said it's been a big help in tracking down suspects.

"We've had several success stories where people have been identified," said Kjorness. "We were able to make an arrest in several theft cases off of it. It's been very positive for us. In addition to that it's helped us identify people that may have been in other jurisdictions committing crime as well."