Toys for Toys For Tots

Toys for Toys For Tots
LEWISTON - Toys For Tots accepted a special gift Friday.

The Skills USA program at Lewiston High School decided to build toys to donate this holiday season. In all, they gave 12 rocking horses and three boxes of building blocks to the program.

The 20 or so students also helped put together over 100 family boxes for Toys For Tots.

Teacher William Jones said he couldn't be happier with how it all came together.

"All of the materials were pieces that were left over from our construction classes and we would trim off the edges and glue it all together, then use that to fabricate the horses, so we weren't having to use up a lot of raw materials that we need for the class on the service project. So it worked out really beautifully," said Jones.

The idea for the toys came from a student. Toys for Tots coordinator Jim White said they've never been approached about this kind of project before, but it's something he hopes continues.

"It's fantastic working with a group that's willing to sit there and put their hearts into everything any chance they get," said White. "They're working on different projects and things, so it is really great."

The toys took a few months to finish, with a few rushed days of late. Jones said the impact will last a lifetime.

"On Christmas morning there's going to be some little kids around the Valley that are going to be so happy to have these rocking horses," said Jones. "It's a really tangible and kind of fun project and a toy that's going to last a long time and mean a lot to the kids."

Jones and White said they hope to make this a tradition.