Recall fails

Recall fails
LEWISTON - Petitioners seeking the recall of four Lewiston city councilors failed to gather enough signatures to put the recall on the ballot.

The group, Citizens for Better Government, met Tuesday morning in front of City Hall. Spokesman Mark Havens said they ended up around 1,000 signatures short of what they needed.

"Failure to obtain the necessary number of signatures cannot be attributed to the unwillingness of Lewiston citizens to sign the petitions," said Havens. "Rarely were we turned town by people when we went door to door or approached people at public events."

Havens said while they may not have collected enough signatures, they're proud of residents getting more involved in their local government.

"This summer has been an extraordinary time in Lewiston for candid and diverse discussion about the kind of city government we want and the ethics we expect from our city officials," said Havens. "We have energized and mobilized countless numbers of citizens in all neighborhoods to take a more active interest in our city government and to monitor more closely how it is spending our money."

Other group members spoke and said the effort proves citizens need to be more involved with what goes on in their city.

"We found that there were a lot of people in Lewiston, Idaho that are not registered voters," said recall supporter Bill Kramer. "We did register some people, who will hopefully vote in our next elections."

Thyra Stevenson, one of the councilors under fire, was also present Tuesday morning. She said she is pleased with the outcome and that she hopes recall supporters will use their passion for government to help city officials in the future.

"It's been an interesting several months," said Stevenson. "I think we'll all look forward to perhaps working with some of the people who have been very committed in working on the recall. I know they mean well for Lewiston and we can use that kind of energy."