Consumer Turbo Snake: Does it work? Turbo Snake: Does it work?(Video)
The Turbo Snake is a flexible, coated wire with a velcro-like tip that's supposed to grab all the hair- and whatever else is causing the clog in your bathroom drain. For about $6, you get 2 snakes- one for the bathroom sink, and one for the shower and tub. The commercial says: "Simply slide the Turbo Snake down the drain, then just give it a twirl, and the Turbo Snake grabs the clog and frees the drain. It's that easy!"
Consumer Wearable technology is a big trend for 2014 Wearable technology is a big trend for 2014(Video)
The big Consumer Electronics Show opened this week in Las Vegas with hot new tablets, giant televisions, and all sorts of gadgets that claim to make your life better. A lot of the big buzz this year is about electronics you can wear. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, consumer interested in wearable technology is expected to quadruple in 2014.
Consumer You got a new pet? Great! Now, what do you do? You got a new pet? Great! Now, what do you do?
Maybe you were lucky enough to get a new furry family member for the holidays. Great!

It's important to remember that once the novelty wears off, your new pet will still need your constant love and attention every day for years to come.
Consumer My Pillow: Does it work? My Pillow: Does it work?(Video)
Promoters of a $60 pillow want you to give the gift of sleep this holiday season. They actually say their pillow, called "My Pillow", is life-changing. My Pillow is billed as the next generation in sleep innovation- with more comfort and better temperature control than other pillows.
Consumer Counterfeit checks still tricking consumers Counterfeit checks still tricking consumers(Video)
This time of year a lot of people would love to receive a few thousand dollars they weren't expecting. Unfortunately, scammers know that all too well and their international check scheme can even fool banks. All the scammers need is for a tiny fraction of people to deposit the counterfeit checks and money orders being sent out in the mail.
Consumer FDA raises safety concerns on antibacterial soaps FDA raises safety concerns on antibacterial soaps
The Food and Drug Administration says there is no evidence that antibacterial chemicals used in liquid soaps and washes help prevent the spread of germs, and there is some evidence they may pose health risks.
Consumer Honey: Is it better for you than sugar? Honey: Is it better for you than sugar?
"Oh, I don't use sugar; I sweeten with honey because it's so much healthier."

I hear people say this all the time. So, is honey better than sugar?

Certified Nutritionist Deborah Enos, who is known as the One-Minute Wellness Coach, says honey does have more nutrients.