Before you hire, be sure to check out that lawn care service

Before you hire, be sure to check out that lawn care service
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You decided to hire a lawn care service. But before you do, take the time to check them out. Choose the wrong company and you could waste a lot of green.

A new survey by Puget Sound Consumers' Checkbook show that both prices and quality vary greatly. Common complaints include poor work, customer service problems and overcharging.

Checkbook editor Kevin Brasler says to check and see if the service offers a guarantee. And if so, get it in writing.

"A lot of these lawn care services guarantee that if you're not satisfied with the work, they'll come back and re-treat. Well, that's not much consolation. What you want is your money back," Brasler says. "So, if over the course of a year you're not happy with the way things are going, you should be able to get your money back. We found that about half the companies out there, it's not part of their standard guarantee, but they'll agree to that in writing if you ask them for that."

Of course, you'll want to get proposals from several companies. Be sure to tell them what you expect.

Do you want the type of lawn you see in magazines or can you live with a few weeds? And how do you feel about pesticides? You need to communicate this.


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