Ron Paul spoke to large crowd during University of Idaho's rally

MOSCOW, ID - Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul spoke to a larger-than-expected crowd Friday night at the University of Idaho in Moscow.

It's a full house as thousands of supporters packed the Student Union Building, anticipating what Ron Paul has to say.

Ron Paul took center stage Friday night at the University of Idaho to a standing ovation.

Paul began his speech with his main message, the Message of Liberty.

"We certainly have been blessed in living in a country such as ours has been based on liberty, based on the Constitution and based on the goodness of mankind," said Paul.

He touched on foreign policy, unemployment and the housing program and even criticized Obama's Patriot Act.

"The Patriot Act, the Patriot Act, is one thing for certain. It is not patriotic," said Paul.

Paul's supporters came in all ages but, mainly young people who agree with the Libertarian candidate.

"I think that every time we talk about war or those kinds of things, it become a touchy subject but I think the way he handled it, tackled it was really great," said Luis Cuevas.

"I'm not exactly online with all his policies but I think he's the best we have now to get us out of the debt and problems that we're in, " said Alexis Maxwell.

Paul concluded his speech by asking supporters to step in the right direction and vote in the caucus next month.

Paul's visit Friday in North Central Idaho is believed to be the first by a presidential candidate in at least 30 years.

He wraps up his northwest campaign tour in Boise on Saturday.

Washington state's caucus is March 3rd while Idaho's is on March 6th, better known as Super Tuesday.