His boots are made for hiking, and that's just what he'll do

His boots are made for hiking, and that's just what he'll do

CLARKSTON - The music man is about to embark on a long, long journey. 2,650 miles to be exact.



Former Clarkston High School music director Fred Dole retired last year, but for the next four months, his feet will be hard at work.



"I grew up in California and my family packed in the Sierra Nevada 's every summer," said Dole. "So, backpacking in the mountains has always been a part of my family and my life and what I've done. This is just a crazy extension of that. It's a dream that sustained me perhaps through those last years when there was maybe some stress that I didn't pay attention to. So, I said I was going to do it, and now I am."



He leaves Tuesday for where he will begin his journey up the Pacific Crest Trail.



"I'm going to start on the border at Campo California , which is just east of San Diego ," he said. "I will continue until I cross into at Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia about four and a half months later."



His feat (and his feet) will also benefit the Clarkston Education Foundation.



"It's such an honor for the Clarkston Education Foundation to think of me as even worthy to establish a scholarship fund," he said. "Those people that have already contributed are special, and if more could, then the fund would be endowed and could become a contributor to kids forever. That's real special."



Along the way, Fred will pick up packages of food appropriately decorated with musical notes at various post offices. He's not bringing much with him: a tent, water purifier, extra socks, and a pocket mail device to journal his adventure.



"I'm taking some equipment to write a journal which will be posted online," he said. "People can keep up with me if they want at ClarkstonEducationFoundation.org. That's the link to my trail journal. The community of hikers will be out there supporting me and I'll be supporting them. That will be very, very interesting and a lot of fun."



Fred's already looking forward to returning home to his loved ones and getting back to his extracurricular activities, but for now he's focused on the challenge ahead.



To follow Fred Dole's excursion or to help support his efforts to raise money for the foundation's music fund, log onto ClarkstonEducationFoundation.org.