Swinging with the stars in Lapwai

Swinging with the stars in Lapwai
LAPWAI - Students at Lapwai Elementary got a taste of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival Thursday afternoon, as they listened to the musical stylings of three talented musicians.

The jazz artists said it doesn't matter where you come from, because music is the international language.

“For me it's all about crossing borders, crossing countries, because we are essentially the same, and I think it all creates more love and peace within myself, ultimately, but I think hopefully over the world,” said upright bassist Christian Fabian, who was born in Sweden and raised in Germany.

Fabian is a former bass player for Lionel Hampton.

All three musicians said the spirit of the young audience was a nice treat.

“Energy, kids give us a lot of energy,” said pianist Kuni Mikami, also a former bandmate of Lionel Hampton. “It's beautiful, beautiful.

Former Hampton drummer Wally "Gator " Watson said, through the music, he gets to leave a legacy for the younger generation.

“I believe in me speaking to them, a little bit of my spirit lives on in them,” said Watson. “So, even after I'm gone, some of my legacy will live on. Somebody somewhere will say, ‘I remember one time I met this Wally Gator guy, and he was crazy.’ or whatever. But, hopefully some of what I say will rub off on the kids and have a positive influence on them, let them know that they count in the world."