Kamiah man kills first gray wolf in Idaho hunt

Kamiah man kills first gray wolf in Idaho hunt
LEWISTON - On the first day of gray wolf hunting season in Idaho, a young wolf was shot and killed by a Kamiah man.

Robert Millage shot a 2-year-old sub-adult female wolf at about 5:30 Tuesday morning near the Lolo Motorway.

"I heard them howling down in the drainage so I went in before daylight this morning and set up and waited for it to start getting daylight and started doing some predator calling and about a half hour later she came in," said Millage.

Millage says the 80-pound wolf was about 30 yards away when he shot her with a .243 rifle. He skinned the wolf on the spot, before taking it to Fish and Game.
"Yeah I skinned it. I kind of wanted to get it out whole, but it was down in a bad spot so I kind of had to skin it out and just get that part out."

Millage, a realtor, took the day off from work to go hunt wolves on the first day of the hunting season.

"I was mostly out after a wolf," he said. "It's the first time we've had a season for them, so I didn't want to pass up the opportunity."

Millage said he will likely make a rug out of the wolf. Only one wolf tag is allotted per person, and if a hunter kills one they have to make a call to Fish and Game within 24 hours and then present the wolf within five days.

Fish and Game Clearwater Regional Supervisor Dave Cadwallader said that it was exciting to see the first reported wolf killed come into the Lewiston office.

"Well we've been waiting for this for awhile," said Cadwallader. "We think that wolves are recovered in Idaho, the State of Idaho is ready to take over management and this is a perfect example of the tool that we are going to use to help manage wolves as a big game animal for hunters and we are ready to go."