Students take it all in

Students take it all in
MOSCOW - They're saying it's the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival's world flavor that, as far as ticket sales go, makes 2009 the most popular to date.

But Lionel's festival, and the School of Music is still about sampling the fresh, local flavors.

Jose Rizo's Jazz on the Latin Side All-Stars were doing a sound check at the Kibbie Dome Wednesday. It was just a preview of what blew off the roof at the dome Wednesday night.

But singers like Adonis Puentes didn't just pick up the mic yesterday. And much of the jazz fest is devoted to those, who for all intensive purposes, did.

"We did do our best," said Prairie Elementary 4th Grader Andreya Nelson.

Nelson, and others, said it's all about getting the butterflies out.

"I just close my eyes, then open them up and start singing," said Nelson.

"A lot of the time, you just have to think you're with a group, so if you mess up, the group will probably be a little bit louder than you're mistake," said Franklin Elementary 5th Grader Kate Tinney.

"It's really fun, especially at the end of the day when we're waiting for them to announce who wins," said Franklin Elementary 5th Grader Alexa Yadafa. "It's really exciting."

And whether they're blasting Latin salsa, or stretching out the vocals for the first time, all the musicians do have one common goal.

"Sing great, that's the main thing," said Franklin Elementary 5th Grader Madi Mueller. "And have fun."