Duncan video shows Dylan's torture in Montana

Duncan video shows Dylan's torture in Montana »Play Video

Warning: This story contains graphic content.

BOISE - Jurors in the sentencing trial of Joseph Duncan will no longer have to try and imagine what nine-year-old Dylan Groene went through in the hands of the confessed child killer -- they've now seen it.

Graphic photographs and video tape of Duncan sexually assaulting and torturing the little boy were played in U.S. District Court Thursday.

Before the video, shot by Duncan himself, was played, and while the jury was out of the courtroom, Duncan objected to the playing of the video.

"Basically this video will be turning the jurors into my victims," he told Judge Edward Lodge. "So I will be tried not by a jury of peers, but of victims."

Judge Lodge overruled the objection.

The video showed Duncan and Dylan, both nude, in an old shack in Montana's Lolo National Forest.

Duncan sexually molested the boy, then hung him by a wire noose from the cabin's crossbeam while the boy's hands were tied behind his back.

"The devil is here, boy," Duncan yelled as Dylan screamed. "The demon couldn't do what the devil sent him to do, so the devil came himself! The devil likes to watch children suffer and cry!"

Duncan masturbated as he tortured the child.

He ultimately brought the boy down from the cross beam. Dylan screamed that his neck hurt. "I felt like I was in heaven but I'm not," said a sobbing, moaning Dylan after a short time recovering on the floor as Duncan's camera, obviously mounted on a tripod, continued to roll. "This is not a good way to die."

Jurors looked away and one dabbed her eyes with tissue.

The courtroom was filled mostly by reporters, lawyers, court officers and bailiffs. Steve Groene, Dylan's father, briefly entered the courtroom and made an obscene gesture at the few members of the public who decided to watch the video. Groene did not watch the videos.

Duncan said he would take Dylan to the hospital. "I promise," he said.

But Duncan has confessed to later shooting the boy with a shotgun and burning his remains in a fire.

Duncan pleaded guilty in December to 10 counts stemming from his 2005 kidnapping of the Shasta and Dylan and the slaying of Dylan.

Prosecutors have rested their case as of Thursday afternoon. Duncan is expected to take the stand after a court recess.

A jury is deciding whether Duncan should be executed or sentenced to life in prison without parole.