The Human Race will grace Activity Center wall

The Human Race will grace Activity Center wall
LEWISTON - It took five years, but now the LCSC campus boasts a special piece of art.

David "Doc" Sears, who taught at LCSC from 1977 until 2004, when he lost his battle with cancer called the original wood carving "The Human Race." The David “Doc” Sears Legacy Project was put together in his memory.

"It's a student government project that basically wanted to get this done," said LC Student Body President Matthew Smith. "Originally they thought it would be about $5,000 to cover it, so they raised money for that and left it for the next group."

Smith said the price tag ended up a little closer to $50,000, but with a couple of extra years of fundraising and some help from artists Ralph Crawford and Steve Parks who re-created the piece, the dream became a reality.

Smith said Crawford and Sears had a history.

"He actually competed for the one (sculpture) down at Brackenbury Square that David actually ended up doing, too," said Smith. "So, he knew David and had great respect for him, and he wanted to see this artwork around."

The art will adorn the west wall of the LCSC Activity Center.

"It's been almost five years since it started," Smith said. "We've had several student government members gone and graduated and go other places. So, to keep the project going was pretty awesome, to get it finished. It's a good day for us."