Clinics and workshops make festival unique

Clinics and workshops make festival unique
PULLMAN - The competitions, and the pages and pages of participants, is only part of what makes the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival so special.

Dozens of clinics and workshops featuring professional musicians are held all over the UI campus and the Moscow community during the day as well.

Madeline Eastman's Jazz Vocal Fun Shop was one very fun place to be Wednesday. Eastman is a singer from San Francisco, who performs all over the country, and has ties to Stanford University.

Pullman's Lincoln Middle School Jazz Choir took in her words, and notes, of wisdom. Eastman said she's not used to teaching aspiring musicians at such a young age, but that she enjoyed the group, because she said none of them were so cool they wouldn't get up front and sing.

"This is my third year singing with the jazz choir," said 13-year-old participant Victoria Pearl. "When I was younger, my dad, he's been judging here ever since he moved here, practically and ever since that. It's kind of inspired me to do stuff like this. As soon as I was old enough to do it, I was able to."

Young also performed Wednesday in one of the adjudicated events.