Local Man Decodes Mysteries on History Channel

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WSU professor Buddy Levy decodes mysteries on the History Channel.
MOSCOW, ID - A hit show on the History Channel returns for a second season.

The second season of Brad Meltzer's Decoded returns to unravel some of history's most complex mysteries.

One of the stars is Moscow resident Buddy Levy, a Washington State University professor and author.

The History Channel approached Levy because he had connections.

"They found me because I have done a bunch of adventure journalism and writing about historical subject matter and I think they've figured I would be okay to be out on the ground sleuthing history," said Levy.

Together the team travels across the country examining clues, rumors and conspiracy theories behind the historical mysteries.

The show is a blend between reality TV and hard investigative journalism, and so fast-paced Levy compares to it as Indiana Jones meets Nicolas Cage in National Treasure.

"It's addictive, it's exhilarating, it's intoxicating to get involve this far in history and you sort of reconfigure what you thought you knew about history," Levy said.

In season two the team discovers unanswered questions surrounding topics like Fort Knox, Billy the Kid and the Vatican and for the first time, their detective work leads them to Europe.

"These stories are international in scope," said Levy. "We traveled everywhere we can in the United States to get the answer but if we have to, we will go overseas to talk to the people to look at the museums to find out what really went on in history."

Season one averaged 1.6 million viewers. Levy says season two also won't disappoint.

"I think audiences are gonna come away going 'I did not know that.'

You can catch Levy and his fellow decoders Wednesday nights at 7 PM on the History Channel.