This summer is one of the coolest on record

This summer is one of the coolest on record »Play Video
Kids cooling off in the river.
L.C. VALLEY - Despite a couple days of cloudy skies, the sun and higher temperatures are proof that summer is finally here.

"Yeah, it's pretty nice out here today, pretty nice," said valley resident Bryan Herbert.

Over the past week, we've seen temperatures in the 90s. But University of Idaho Meteorologist Dr. John Abatzoglou said the infamous La Nina has kept things relatively cool as we've moved into August.

"July actually marks the 6th month in a row that we've seen below normal temperatures across much of the Palouse," said Abatzoglou. "We have to go back to 1985 to see a sequence of months, at least six months in a row that have been below normal."

Abatzoglou said we've actually been experiencing one of the coolest summers on record.

"We've seen a relatively nice, cool summer thus far," said Abatzoglou. "We've yet to see 100 degrees in places like Lewiston. On average we see about seven days a year above 100."

But 90 is still pretty warm and valley residents agree, it's hot outside.

"We haven't even been eating," said Darcy Fogleman.

"It's too hot to eat," said Herbert. "You have to just eat morning and evening time out here."

"Especially when you're out and about, but otherwise it's been OK," said Elizabeth Steadman.

"Just right, I should have worn shorts," said Jamie Galloway.

But we're used to hot August days and nights here in the valley. Park goers said they know just how to stay cool.

"Sit in front of a fan, or if it gets too hot turn the air conditioner on," said Steadman.

"I'm one of those girls that just likes to lay out and you can go fishing, swimming," said Galloway.