Floors going green

Floors going green
LEWISTON - It's one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Buying and keeping up a home.

A local business is helping homeowners go green without sacrificing style or price.

"Green is really becoming a big focus in the flooring industry," said Floor Coverings International owner Dan Jensen. "We hear and talk about green everyday. It might be somebody buying a new hybrid car or trying to be a little more conservative with water consumption. It goes to all aspects of our life. The flooring industry, they've become very aware of the movement and there are a lot of products now that have that green title."

Jensen said they have products that are better for the environment.

"Bamboo actually is a grass so it recovers very fastly, much like the lawns in our backyards, but a lot tougher," said Jensen. "Cork floors are actually bark off of an oak tree that's native to the Mediterranean. They can shave the bark off the trees and the bark grows back so they haven’t had to chop that tree down and cut it up into boards like conventional hardwood flooring. There are carpet mills now that are recycling a lot of the carpet yarns."

There's also tile on the market that's made from 40 to 50 percent recycled content. And Jensen said going green won't hurt your wallet as much as you might expect.

"Typically what I see in the green products, qualities are very high, most of them are being introduced on a higher fashion type offering so when you compare quality and fashion the prices are very competitive," said Jensen.

And as part of their commitment to green, the Lewiston Floor Coverings International won franchise of the year.

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