Recycling electronics made easy

Recycling electronics made easy
ASOTIN - Go Green, Do Green is the motto of a new electronics recycling company.

The company is Covered Electronics Products (CEP) Recycling and last week was their first doing business in Asotin County.

"The Department of Ecology surcharged the manufacturers and the program money from the manufacturers goes to the Department of Ecology for implementation," said CEP Recycling owner Rocky Heath.

When you buy a TV or computer, the manufacturer pays a percentage to the Department of Ecology to pay for the program. So it's free for Washington residents to drop off electronics.

"So the ones that you can drop off are computers, monitors, TV’s and laptops," said Heath. "No paraphernalia, no keyboards no printers, scanners, or the mouse."

These particular items are considered hazardous material because they can leach toxins into landfills, and potentially into ground or surface water. Among the materials of concern: lead, cadmium and mercury.

"We live in a green society today and these are hazardous materials and it's good for all things," said Heath. "It's good to, instead of throwing them in the ground, lets use them."

Heath said Washington is one of several states to start this program this year. Idaho is not participating. So he's not allowed to collect recyclables from people arriving in cars with Idaho plates.

CEP Recycling is located at the Asotin County Landfill.