Auto body shop goes green, wins award

Auto body shop goes green, wins award
LEWISTON - A Lewiston body shop is going green and on Tuesday, received a special award for helping out the environment.

"We are presenting a Pollution Prevention Partner award to Excalibur Auto Body Shop for being a champion in pollution prevention," said Department of Environmental Quality Waste Management Manager Gayle Westhoff. "This is National Pollution Prevention Week."

The Department of Environmental Quality is giving away only nine of the awards throughout the state of Idaho.

"We are very grateful to receive it," said Excalibur Repair Manager Craig Roberts. "There are many people that played a part in this. These guys behind me are the key to success to implementing our conversion from a solvent-borne paint product to a water-borne paint product."

Roberts said the new environmentally friendly paint they are using is just as good as paint containing more chemicals.

"Our hazardous waste is reduced," said Roberts. "We are able to recycle part of this paint product and reuse it. It's reduced with water which is obviously quite a bit better than the solvent-based product we used."

Roberts said it also has less odor, making it safer for workers. The paint is just the beginning; Roberts said they are always looking for ways to be greener.

"It's kind of a journey to be on daily as we look at what can we do to help," said Roberts. "To be more efficient, to reduce waste, so yes, anything we can do, it's a journey we are on each day to see how we can improve it."

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