Life is a song for Bailley Horne

Life is a song for Bailley Horne
LEWISTON, ID - For LHS senior Bailley Horne, life is a song.

"You know, you have a bad day and I just play my trumpet and it makes me feel better," said Horne.

Bailley is a member Jazz Band and also a member of Gold Voices. In fact, she's so involved in music, there wasn't time for other classes.

"I had to take about five online, just to graduate on tine," said Horne. "It's a little time consuming and it's a lot different then talking to a teacher face to face. But I've managed, It's not difficult."

After high school, Bailley plans to attend the University of Idaho and major in music. She hopes one day to teach others the love of the chords.

"Eventually I would probably be a college professor somewhere," said Horne. "In college you get people who are really serious about this and have their own personal motivation. So I can build off of that rather then trying to instill motivation."