Sixteen year old senior sports perfect GPA

Sixteen year old senior sports perfect GPA
MOSCOW, ID - Moscow High's Daniel Leong a self proclaimed closet procrastinator. But you wouldn't know it looking at his bearish schedule and perfect GPA.

"It's just like a product of hard work and a little bit of luck and dedication," said Leong.

He jumped from kindergarten to 2nd Grade, so Daniel's a sixteen year old senior with dreams of studying at Stanford next year.

"Maybe engineering or maybe not, but just something that I enjoy," said Leong. "I really like building things, or more the aspect of designing things."

Daniel's the top math and science student in his class and he's a semi finalist for a National Merit Scholarship. He participates in a number of school clubs, plays golf and soccer, and still manages some down time.

"I like ping pong a lot," said Leong. "Just hang out and drive my car around."

And as for his future, this Hawaiian born bear hopes to go back to his roots.

"I'd like to be out of school in ten years but the reality is, who knows, I might still be finishing up degrees and stuff," said Leong. "But if I was, I still want to live in a coastal city."