Wine & Wisdom: Birth of a Nation to Ken Burns: The Civil War in Cinema

August 26 7:00 PM Basalt Cellars Winery 906 Port Dr, Clarkston, WA 99403 509-758-5454 Website
Lance Rhoades, a member of Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau, will present From "Birth of a Nation" to Ken Burns:The Civil War in Cinema. Held at Basalt Cellars Winery.

Program Description:
The American Civil War has been a perennially popular subject in cinema. The war had been over for less than fifty years when movies began to reach the public on a large scale; many veterans were still alive to see their likenesses captured in celluloid. Over one hundred years later, this near-constant obsession with the Civil War not only reflects the nation’s ongoing attempt to understand a most traumatic period, it also illuminates changing attitudes about national identity and character. For the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, join film scholar Lance Rhoades in a conversation about the cinema the war has inspired and how it reflects changes in our nation.

Speaker Biography:
Lance Rhoades is a Seattle-based scholar who completed his graduate studies in Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies at the University of Washington, where he has taught several courses on American Indians in Cinema. He has also been a researcher and instructor in the University of Washington American Indian Studies Department and was a recipient of the UW’s Excellence in Teaching Award. Rhoades has presented talks in the Middle East, Asia and Europe on cultural history in film, and each year he teaches a course in the humanities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is director of film studies at the Seattle Film Institute, a faculty member of the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program and a program director for the Mercer Island Library and Arts Council. Rhoades currently lives in Seattle.

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