Idaho Fish and Game - Big Game Open House Meeting

February 18 5:00 PM Idaho Fish & Game, 3316 16th St., Clearwater Conf. Room, Lewiston, ID. Idaho Fish & Game (208) 799-5010 Website
Idaho Department of Fish and Game wants to hear from hunters about proposed changes to the 2014 big game seasons.

Interested individuals can visit with department personnel concerning the proposed season changes and provide their written comments by attending any of four open house meetings.
Comments collected will be presented to the Fish and Game Commission prior to their March meeting, where final action will be taken. A list of proposed changes will be available for viewing on the Idaho Fish and Game website

Grangeville-area bobcat hunters and trappers can meet the mandatory bobcat tagging requirement by presenting their pelts at the Grangeville meeting. All carcasses and pelts must be thawed out prior to tagging. A fee of $2.00 will be charged for each pelt, and an additional $1.75 vendor fee will be charged to each license holder.
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