Banana Belt Gardening Seminar Series

February 26 6:30 PM Lewiston Community Center, 1424 Main St., Lewiston, ID. (208) 799-3096
The Banana Belt Gardening Series Topic: Creating and Maintaining Habitat
Tape Grape Production and Pruning. With consultation from Mike Boyer of Colter's Creek Vineyard, Mike and Joan will share the 'down and dirty' of simplified grape pruning. Speaker: Mike and Joan Mount, Green Things Nursery, Orofino.

Attracting Invertebrate Native Pollinators. How to provide a thriving habitat for pollinators with places to nest and access to nectar and pollen. Speaker: Pamela Pavek, Conservation Aronomy, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. $6.00 per person. Registration 6-6:30pm.
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