Banana Belt Gardening Seminar Series

February 19 6:30 PM Lewiston Community Center, 1424 Main St., Lewiston, ID. (208) 799-3096
Banana Belt Gardening Series Topic:
Gardening Considerations. Agricultural Regulations and Regional Issues. Why some planting stock from your favorite catalog is not available for shipment to Idaho. Speaker: Mark Barnes, Idaho State Dept. of Agriculture.

Modern Approaches to Cultivar Development
A brief overview will be presented of the wide range of methods used by today's plant breeders to develop new cultivars. Some of the breeding methods to be included are mutagenesis, inbreeding, hybridization and genetic modification. Speaker: Dr. Joe Kuhl, U of I Plant, Soil & Entomological Sciences. Registration 6-6:30pm $6 per person per class.
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