DOC SEARS 5K, LC Valley Marathon, Half-Marathon, Nov. 2

November 2 8:00 AM Asotin High School Track (Chief Looking Glass Park) Website
 Marathon: 8:00am
 Half-Marathon: 9:00am
 5K: 10:00am

Each race will have overall winner awards as well as age group. If there are less than 100 in the race we will use 10-year age groups, if over 100 participants then we will use 5-year age groups.

GENERAL COURSE DESCRIPTION: All races will start and end at the Asotin High School Track (Chief Looking Glass Park) in Washington (about 4 miles South of Clarkston, WA). From the track the runs will head north on the levee. The half and full marathon will go north with the half turning around on the levees just past the boat ramp area. They will both go through the parking lot at the boat ramp area, take a left at the stop sign and up onto the blue bridge and cross the blue bridge. The Half turnaround will be somewhere on the blue bridge or just on the other side, then will return taking the same route. The full will cross the blue bridge and then proceed north on the levees and follow the Clearwater River East toward memorial bridge, will turn RIGHT crossing the railroad tracks, will proceed on the sidewalk, Left across the bridge and onto the path on the north side of the bridge and will follow the path (east) to the turn around past the Flying J and boat launch area. The entire course will be reversed to the start. It is our goal to have the course certified, but that process can take time. It will be wheeled and measured over the summer to insure an accurate measure, regardless of certification. COURSE CLOSES AT 1:30pm.

AID STATIONS: Aid stations will be available throughout the course with Water and Gatorade at these approximate mile markers. 1.5, 3.0, 4.5 (Southway bridge), 6.25 (blue bridge), 6.75 (blue bridge - Lewiston side), 8.5 (memorial bridge), 10 (Flying J/Boat Launch Area), 11.5 mile mark and near turn around.
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