Toney Rocks in Concert

September 20 9:00 PM John's Alley, 114 E 6th Street, Moscow, ID 208-883-7662 Website
National touring musician, Toney Rocks, brings his northwestern tour to Moscow's, John's Alley, Friday September 20th. The one-man show presents brand new music from Toney Rocks upcoming independent release as well as his 2012 progressive blues-rock album, Born to Live Free, which included international radio singles "Empty" and "Standing in the Rain".

Toney Rocks has been described as having the "soul of the blues..." Being "A cross between John Lee Hooker and Albert King". But, according to him, "I'm much more than a blues cliche'. What I do isn't JUST blues or JUST anything for that matter. My sound is progressive and channels influences from country, arena rock, electronic, and world music." Diving into this abyss, Toney Rocks delivers a bold hybrid of high energy music peppered with electronic elements and soulful singing; being compared to the likes of Jean Luc Ponty and Robert Cray. 

Mentored by American folk hero, David Bromberg, Toney Rocks is considered an epitome of the do-it-yourself musician. Toney personally records all the music featured in his solo shows and albums. "David (Bromberg), my mentor, always tells me to 'strip it down and work as much as you can'. But really, me going solo and doing-it-myself came out of necessity." Toney Rocks explains. "After trying desperately to get other musicians to understand and commit to the musical vision in my head, I figured I'd just do it myself. That way there's far less compromise. David's advice really just gave me more confidence that I can put this brand on my back and carry it." 

On stage Toney Rocks presents a dynamic show that features aspects of his respected talents as a guitarist, singer, writer, and producer. His show moves fluidly through intimate solo performances featuring Toney Rocks bearing down on a worn out telecaster, to mellow acoustic guitar performances, on down to amplifiers blazing on 12 as Toney Rocks breaks out the progressive blues influenced rock; bearing his soul and thoughts into the microphone with the support of hard hitting prerecorded backing tracks from his independent releases.  
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