Hells Canyon Boat Club Lighted Boat Parade

November 24 4:30 PM start at Swallows Nest Boat Launch 208-724-6279 sailinggrace62@gmail.com
Thank you so much for your participation in the 2012 Hells Canyon Boat Club Lighted Boat Parade. This is going to be an awesome parade as well as safe and enjoyable for all. Please be careful on the water and make sure you have your correct navigation lights on, including decorations and all your safety equipment available (i.e. life jackets, whistle or noise devise).
Boat launch will begin any time prior to 4:15pm on Saturday November 24 at any dock that you prefer. We will gather near Swallows Nest boat launch on the Clarkston side of the river. Please be aware of all the boats as everyone circles around waiting for the parade to start.
The parade will begin at 4:30pm at which time we will fall into line behind the Sheriffs’s boat and the lead Hells Canyon Boat Club boat which will head down river towards the Southway Bridge (new bridge). No specific order, just please be orderly and aware of your speed.
 We will follow the Washington shoreline to the Blue Bridge, cross the river and head up river along the shoreline on the Idaho side to Hells Gate Marina. At this point, we will cross again over to the Washington side and follow the shoreline down river to Swallow Nest boat Launch where the parade will end.
 Please try to stay in one line as it is more enjoyable for the viewers on the shore and also try to maintain a slower speed so we are not passing each other and again, the viewers on shore will enjoy it more.
 Be mindful of all boats. We hope to have sailboats, jet boats, motor/ski boats and maybe even jet skis and smaller boats. Keep an eye out for everyone and no speeding.
 If you have any questions, please call Mary McCollum at 208-724-6279 anytime up to the parade time or e-mail at sailinggrace62@gmail.com.
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