Election Decision 2010 Decision 2010
Before you cast your ballot in the upcoming primaries and general election, read the stories included here for more information on candidates and issues.
Election Labrador's focus is on reform Labrador's focus is on reform(Video)
Republican Congressional hopeful Raul Labrador visits Lewiston, says it's time for a change of culture in the nation's capital.
Election Otter stops in Lewiston on campaign swing Otter stops in Lewiston on campaign swing(Video)
Governor Butch Otter launches his campaign and makes a trip to northern and central Idaho as part of the launch; Otter defends decision to sue the federal government over health care reform.
Election Primary filings official in Idaho Primary filings official in Idaho(Video)
Last Friday was the deadline for candidates looking to run in the Idaho primary. Write in candidates will be accepted until May 11th. Idaho's primary is May 25th.