WSU looks to improve on body language

WSU looks to improve on body language »Play Video
PULLMAN, WA - For Washington State fans, the season opener against BYU wasn't easy to watch and the same could be said for the players.

As Mike Leach put it on Monday, the Cougs seem to spend more time "putting on little frustration demonstrations than playing football."

Quarterback Jeff Tuel acknowledged that was the case for some players during the game.

"Certainly I think if you watch the game on ESPN you'll see guys body language pretty bad, some guys are better at it than others," said Tuel. "That's something that Coach Leach is definitely aiming to fix and improve in a hurry."

In reference to that behavior seen on national television, Leach said that there is no room for it on the sidelines.

"You only get so many reps out there on a football field in your entire life," said Leach. "You better make the most of them. If you're going to go out there and practice all week long and now all of a sudden you have game reps, you better do something other than pout on the sideline."

Both Tuel and Leach did say that beginning with practice this past Friday, player’s spirits have turned around as they begin prepping to host Eastern Washington on Saturday.