Christmas Connection toy donations needed

Christmas Connection toy donations needed
LEWISTON, ID - With Christmas just around the corner, a local organization is asking for your help.

The 27th Christmas Connection is nearly two weeks away and the All Saints Community, along with the Toys for Tots foundation, wants your help. This year the two groups are supplying nine different cities with grocery gift cards and toys for children.

"For some kids this is the only Christmas they get, is Christmas Connection with Toys for Tots, that's all they get," said Clarkston St. Vincent De Paul office manager Sharon Berry. "We're really reaching out to make it a wonderful day for all of them."

"We want to make sure that all of the kids get a toy and a meal," said St. Vincent De Paul volunteer Cliff Barnes.

So far just 3,000 toys have been donated, which is 5,000 toys behind St. Vincent De Paul's goal of 8,000 toys by the December 8th celebration. Those who would like to make a cash donation can do so as well by visiting any St. Vincent De Paul Thrift store location. The annual All Saints Community Dinner is open to all who wish to attend. Each child, 15-years-old and under, will receive new toys.