Final two megaloads leave the Port of Lewiston

Final two megaloads leave the Port of Lewiston
CLARKSTON, ID - The Port of Lewiston waved goodbye to the final two megaloads of the 34 that have been harbored for the last 18 months.

The ImperialOil ExxonMobil shipments left the Port of Lewiston at 8:30, Tuesday evening, traveling north on Highway 95. The shipments will travel independently from each other except when they moved through the City of Moscow in a single convoy.

Despite many protests in the Moscow area, Port of Lewiston Manager David Doeringsfeld said this has been a great project for the community.

"I look to the future and think that the benefit is not so much just the modules going through but, this kind of put the area on the map and maybe the benefit of having similar type projects where maybe a business comes in and there is value added," said Doeringsfeld.

More than 300 people worked with the megaloads since they arrived in Autumn of 2010. The movement brought legal challenges in both states that left Imperial Oil Exxon Mobile megaloads stranded at the port for months. This forced the company to cut down the number of loads in height and use alternative routes.

Doeringsfeld said the modules were reduced to 82 half-sized megaloads, 102 semi-tractor trailer loads and three railroad cars.