Moscow Inaugurates "HooPalousa" Basketball Tournament

Moscow Inaugurates "HooPalousa" Basketball Tournament
HooPalousa Basketball Tournament 2011.
MOSCOW, ID - The University of Idaho has recently created the UI American Indian Graduate Fellowship Fund in Creative Writing, the only fellowship of its kind in the country for Native American writers. In an effort to raise funds to support the fellowship, a 5-on-5 basketball tournament was created and named "HooPalousa."

"It's just the beginning of our effort to create this fellowship," said Native American Author Sherman Alexie. "You know, people will get to say they were here at the beginning of everything, but we're going to keep doing this kind of thing to make sure the scholarship comes to life."

HooPalousa brought together community leaders, award-winning authors, TV stars and Pro and College-ball standouts. One familiar face on the court… David Pendergraft, former basketball player from Gonzaga.

"A couple of the writers asked me [to play] and I couldn't say no to this chance," said Former Gonzaga Basketball Player David Pendergraft. "…it's been a great opportunity and I'm ready to have fun."

The two teams on the court represent the Moscow-Pullman area and the Spokane-Coeur d'Alene region. Moscow's SuperSonnets played a tough game against the Spokane Dirty Realists. 

"So it matters how many points we're going to spot them…so you tell me how many points you think we'll spot them and I'll tell you the winner…but I'm predicting us to be the winner for sure," said Pendergraft.

As for Pendergraft's prediction, he was right. The Spokane Dirty Realists beat out the Moscow SuperSonnets, earning the first ever HooPalousa trophy.

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